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My name is Isabel and I am the owner and creator of www.jewellery-works.com.  I live in the very beautiful North Yorkshire and since being a little girl I have always been completely and utterly jewellery obsessed.  From wearing several watches on my arm at the same time (see above photo age 9 cringe-tastic!) to opening my own jewellery store when I was just seven, called 'Jewellery and Co' (located in my late Father's outside office).  I used to make jewellery out of Fimo clay and beads then show or sell them to any visitors to the house, the pride I took in my displays, having my own filing system in place, the receipts and price labels to the open/closed sign on the door was truly gratifying for me. 

As I grew up I found myself interested in various entrepenerial projects including creating stock as a distributor to retail outlets, assisting and managing retail outlets. After years of this experience I then built up and ran my own real store (whilst getting married and having my first baby - sheer determination and a crazy time indeed).  This kind of responsibility together with my experience taught me some great service and business skills although it was a time when taking in my baby daughter in to the shop until she was six months was no longer an option.  Looking back I cannot believe I actually did it for this long.  I had a fantastic two years of meeting some great customers and suppliers alike but the time was right to sell the business and focus on being a Mummy.  I used to see people through the shop window pushing prams on walks with their children, craving to be able to do this and to be what I considered to be a 'normal Mummy'. 

Once I successfully sold the business and had this new found freedom I spent my days enjoying walks, playdates and meeting other like-minded mothers.  I had my second child when my first was just two years old - yikes, this was a fun rollercoaster, but probably the busiest and most stressful time of motherhood for me.  Whilst staying at home with my children, I always dabbled in buying and selling handmade jewellery into retail outlets, hosting parties and events. I think it was really good for my focus so that I wasn't always fixated in the 'mummy-zone' and I could have a little job with my own pocket money whilst indulging in something I loved.  After a long time of planning, a lot of data input and coding later and of course once the children were both settled at school, I launched this website. It does enable me to be able to do the school runs, some household management and of course focus on my passion for beautiful jewellery, fashion, marketing and my customer 's needs.

I am inspired by many things including independent businesses with the same ethos, I try where I can to fully support my locals and independents, it really is important and something we all need to maintain. My travels abroad in France, Spain and North America have had an impact on my life teaching me values, quality and aspirations.  I am so lucky that I have a really supportive husband, family and good friends (who must have thought/or probably still think I was a bit too determined or crazy at times). I hope you enjoyed reading this blurb about me and it has made your online shopping experience a bit more personal to you now you know my story - happy browsing.


PS. If you click on the image below you can read a recent interview on a blog I was recently featured in:

Jewellery-works.com is a simple to use online shop that offers high quality jewellery pieces with a fantastic and very reputable customer service.  The range is sourced very carefully from Danon, which is designed and made in Israel.  I have been selling this sought after jewellery range for over ten years with many followings and repeat custom.

Free and quick delivery on all items in the UK.  A friendly and reliable service offering a fair return and exchange service, see our terms and conditions page for more details.

Interesting facts and history about Danon Jewellery:

Danon Jewellery specialises in designing, manufacturing and marketing jewellery and house gifts.

Danon ltd was established in 1975 as a small workshop for jewellery manufacturing and over the years has grown and developed into a prosperous company, with widespread activity in Israel and abroad. Behind the name is the Danon family – Josef Danon, head of the family, who founded the company and is today the Owner & CEO; Gal Danon, the elder daughter, who leads the designing spirit of the company and Ilan Danon, the younger son, who runs the export, marketing and operation divisions. The company offices and manufacturing factory are in Panorama House in Tel-Aviv, where jewellery and gifts are designed and marketed to approximately 300 sales points in Israel and approximately 15 countries worldwide.

Danon jewellery and its products are synonymous today with original and meticulous design alongside exquisite quality and finish which are showcased at some of Israel's, and indeed some of the world's leading shops, boutiques and design houses.

Danon jewellery and its products are the work of a leading design team

Danon's designers have created fashionable and original items over the years, whilst using advanced technologies, alongside loving handcraft and personal attention for each item. Today, Gal Danon leads the company's design division, bringing with her a great love for jewellery and fashion as well as an artistic and creative spirit.

The creation process at Danon is based on a continuous search for new and interesting sources of inspiration in addition to a daily update in the leading trends in the world of fashion and jewellery and a constant regard to clientele. Danon's designs are characterised by a clean and unique fashion line, which combines original elements, gems, leather, Swarovski crystals and other quality pieces.

Danon combines progress and technological excellence with creativity and a personal touch

Alongside the emphasis on fashionableness and design chic according to the leading global trends, Danon maintains its exceptional finger print for many years. The unique character and uncompromising quality of the products are achieved whilst using knowledge and skills acquired over many years. All of this allows Danon to offer variety and continue to surprise its large and loyal clientele over and over again.

Israeli-Made designs

Danon company is proud that all of its products are designed and manufactured from A to Z by handcraft, in a local Israeli manufacturing factory. Over the years Danon has taken upon itself to continue to contribute to the strengthening of  local industry and creating more jobs in the Israeli economy.